A few year a go I received a DNA test kit as a Christmas gift. I submitted the testing sample a day later and didn't think about it for weeks. I am from the Far East, a mix of Japanese and Chinese, I know that all my life. I didn't expect the test would say otherwise until the result came back. My DNA came from two continents and five regions. The surprise of my DNA coincided with my decision to quit my career of twenty-five years in corporate finance and begin writing fiction full-time. I began to incorporate research of histories of regions where my ancestors came from into my research for fiction writing. Months later I decided that my debut novel would be a modern day suspense that would reflect the impact of clash civilizations today and centuries ago. Now The Face of the Seal, as a fiction, I hope it will entertain my readers first, and at the same time illuminate the tenderness of human heart by shining a light on its darkest corners.


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